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Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in the Journey Student Ministry at Chillicothe Baptist Church. You can help with the music or technical components of our worship time. Maybe you are gifted in media or would be willing to assist in other ministries at our church. Whatever talent and ability the Lord has given you, we would like to use you! This is the best way to get to know people and we hope you will join us!

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer and are willing to get plugged in, please contact Joe Messer.

Our Monthly Events Explained

Youth Quest

Youth Quest:

Service is an important part of the Journey Ministry. This coincides with all five purposes of our youth program. It is very important for the students to see what we are talking about instead of just listening without doing. Our monthly youth quest opportunities are open for any 6-12th grader. Depending on the month, what we do may change. The important thing is we are out in the community and making a difference! Examples include: making contacts with new students, service projects, community outreach projects, etc.

The Gathering

Youth Gatherings:

The monthly youth gatherings are held at someone’s home or at another venue. While there we spend time catching up on relationships, engaging in worship, and listening to a student-led devotion. It is a great opportunity to get to know one another and not to mention we will be eating!

Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night Journey:

Here, we will journey together each Wednesday at 6:30 and fuel up for the week. We fellowship, spend time in the Word, and discuss what is going on in our lives. This is open for any current 6th-12th grader.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning:

We meet in the Student ministry room at 9:30 where we worship our Lord with our student led praise team. After this, we divide up by grade level (6th-12th grade) and spend time studying the Word together with our awesome group of adult leaders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I wear?

Dress comfortably! The Student Pastor wears casual clothing. On Wednesdays, most just wear what they wore to school that day. The important thing is that you be in attendance!

What do I do when I get there?

Journey Student Ministries is located in the back of the church building. You can enter from the front of the building and when you reach the café, turn left. Take a right down the first hallway, and from there you can’t miss us. In fact, you will probably hear us, before you see us!

Are there any services during the week?

Yes, we meet several times at the church. On Sundays, we have a teaching time and worship at 9:30a.m. located in the youth area. Following this, we join the rest of the church in the main sanctuary at 11:00 a.m. We have a church service on Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the main sanctuary. On Wednesdays we meet in the youth area at 6:30 for worship and Bible Study.

We believe that an event gives our group time for us to play and build relationships. We are always looking for ways to connect and create opportunities for students to experience the things we talk about.